Well-being and Creativity: The Therapeutic Beauty of Art

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Peter Rabbit

Recently, I have rediscovered my old sketchbook and filled it with new additions. I am not gifted at art by any means, yet I still find joy in the therapeutic benefits of drawing, painting, and colouring. In fact, art is a great way of expressing creativity and calming the mind. Art reaps benefits beyond the work produced; it can foster healing, reduce stress and enhance mental well-being. For those who haven’t warmed to conventional meditation, it can be an excellent alternative.

How it all began…

It all started when a friend recommended investing in a sketchbook, some colours and some paints. Since then, it has manifested into one of my favourite past times. I put one of my favourite playlists on in the background and I start drawing. Art has the power to take your mind off the burdens of everyday life, it distracts you from everything. You can fully submerge yourself in your work, enjoy the music and time will fly by. Having a cup of tea at hand, or some hygge lighting nearby really does do wonders too. The end result is that you feel much more relaxed and, who knows, you might even surprise yourself. Though there are days when I genuinely question what I have drawn, some days I really surprise myself with my creations.


This is definitely an additional benefit and perfectly encapsulates the beauty of drawing as a hobby. I started out drawing flowers and copying things that inspired me around the apartment and, quite honestly, they were awful. Yet the more I practiced, the more competent I became. Physically, I noticed a bit more precision in my work whilst mentally I noticed a lot more optimism in myself. Like any skill, practice makes progress (perfect is way too ambitious for me). Art can teach you that time, patience, and effort can go a long way.

Creativity and achievement

We often underestimate ourselves. Naturally, this could be in any aspect of life, professionally as seen in the theory of imposter syndrome as well as in our everyday lives. Yet, by taking up a hobby, you produce results that drive you to continue to outdo yourself.

So, find a piece of paper or something you’d like to colour and let the therapeutic magic of art do its work. Whether it’s to practice some mindfulness and clear a busy mind, or to show yourself what you are capable of when you put your mind to it, I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

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