Home Workouts Done Right: Fun YouTube Channels

Thinking of how to get into shape without breaking the bank? Since moving into my new apartment, I gave up going to the gym and opted for home workouts and the truth is I have never looked back. If picking up heavy weights or calorie counting on the treadmill isn’t your thing, experiment with home workouts that you can do wherever and whenever you like.

The Benefits of Home workouts

Doing a home workout is not only extremely efficient for those of us running on a busy schedule, it can also burn a lot of calories. Home workouts, when done right, help improve your endurance and fitness levels. They can also build muscle through bodyweight exercises. All of us that have done a push-up or a squat jump can confirm this. The fact that a sweat sesh can be as short as 10 minutes or as long as an hour makes it so much more appealing. It all depends on the time you have on your hands, and the time you are willing to invest into your fitness. Plus, the endorphins released during and after the workout make it all worthwhile.

Besides the fact that home workouts will leave you feeling amazing, they also require next to nothing in terms of equipment. There is also endless amazing content out there all for free! I personally find my workouts on YouTube and I have never had to repeat one. The option to sign up for paid programmes is also available for those of you that require a bit more motivation.

Recommended Equipment

A mat is practically the only thing that is a must-have in order to do home workouts. The moment you start with ab exercises, your back will be grateful for the softer cushioned surface. Apart from that, the equipment you’ll most likely find in videos are: dumbbells, a kettle bell and resistance bands. These are things you can look into buying, but first and foremost, find a personal trainer that motivates you, makes you sweat and makes working out enjoyable – exercise can be fun!

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Amazing Home Workout Channel

Heather Robertson

A certified trainer that will whip you into shape with a range of videos. Her infamous no repeat HIITS are perfect for days when you lack motivation. Getting a sweat on with Heather is inevitable as she has an abundance of content. Her videos range from: cardio, strength, specific muscle groups, and incorporating different equipment. There really is something for everyone on her channel. But, if you’re looking for high intensity or strenuous stuff then Heather is your girl!

Sydney Cummings

Sydney is an extremely endearing certified personal trainer. She talks and guides you through all the exercises, constantly motivating you to go all out. With an extensive range of fun themed videos to spice things up a bit, she really has thought of everything. Lots of helpful advice on form is given and videos are uploaded regularly – she really is superwoman.

Joe Wicks/The Body Coach

Joe has some amazing videos and the good news is that they tend to be short and sweet. OK, maybe sweaty is a better word to describe his workouts… He makes you work hard and get a sweat on whilst motivating you in the process. His bubbly personality shines through and he is bound to make you laugh with his commentary. What’s so loveable about Joe is the fact that he doesn’t hide that he is struggling. He actually makes you feel OK for having to take a break. He even has some fun child-friendly workouts that are suitable for all the family.

Body Project

The Body Project has some fun videos that you’ll love so much that they’ll leave you wanting more. This channel is great for beginners or for the days when you don’t want to push yourself too hard, or even those of you wanting a lighter workout. They have an excellent selection of strenuous videos too. So, if you are prepared to break a sweat, check out some of their high intensity or Tabata style workouts.

So there you have it, four amazing free YouTube channels for workouts. I hope you fall in love with these channels as much as I did and see great results whilst benefiting from amazing free content and endorphins in the process. Home workouts are all about self-discipline but with these channels, you will find motivational mentors at the click of your mouse.

Get ready to get in shape!

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