Silencing Your Inner Critic – 5 Simple Steps Towards Self-Love

We have all been held back at some point by our inner critic as its innate negativity eats away at our self-confidence and self-love. The question is: how can we silence that critical voice and achieve inner peace?


Recognise that it is just a thought. A thought is fleeting and, as they come and go, negative ones are bound to arrive at some stage. The first step is to recognise that it is a self-constructed thought and that only we are in control of our thoughts.

Name your Inner Critic

Give your inner critic a name. So, we’ve all heard of negative Nancy, right? Not only is it super catchy, but it also acts as a reminder to stop us moaning eventually because nobody likes a complainer. So why is it OK to be negative in our mind, to feed our inner critic? Let’s not give way to such a voice. Giving your inner critic a name will make it easier to recognise, thus becoming easier to silence. This technique further solidifies the fact that the inner critic is not you.

Negative Nancy who?!

Do not give the thought/your inner critic importance. The more you fret about it, the more you succumb to instilling the negativity in your mind. For example, if you find yourself thinking “I am so useless. I always mess up” listen as it comes to your consciousness, and let it go. That thought, “negativity Nancy” only grows if you let it.

Replace Negativity with Positivity

Override the negativity with positivity. The garden analogy works perfectly here: we remove weeds to stop them from stealing the sun, nutrients, and water from the plants and flowers we wish to grow. Watering the weeds would just be counterproductive. Instead of watering the weeds, we must remove them in order to let the flowers grow. The same situation exists in our minds.  Upon recognising your inner critic, that unwelcomed weed, be sure to replace it with a positive thought.

Highlight your Strengths

Invest in a self-love journal. Every time someone gives you a compliment, write it down. Every time you recognise a personal strength, jot that down too. Give examples, elaborate, big yourself up. This will act as a strong DIY weed killer in those times of need. If one day you are facing a fierce battle against negative Nancy, the self-love journal is there to lend you a helping hand with your struggles. Take a glimpse, or read through as much as it takes to silence that dreaded (but completely normal!) negativity.

“Loving yourself isn’t vanity – it’s sanity.” – Katrina Mayer


  1. I love the journal idea and writ g down compliments…I tend to dismiss compliments not believing them. Love this idea.

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