Conscious Living: Eco-Friendly UK Brands

Conscious living is definitely trending in 2021, so why not invest in some sustainable purchases? Sustainable brands aim to ensure that products are manufactured in a way that has a minimal environmental impact. So many incredible businesses are acknowledging the issue of climate change and adapting to support sustainability.  Here are some eco-friendly UK brands that are worth celebrating whether it be for a gift or to give yourself a well-deserved treat.

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Eco-Friendly UK Brands


The fashion industry is reportedly the second most polluting after oil due to its rapid turnover in trends conceptualising disposable clothing. The greenhouse gas emissions the industry produces has a lot to do with the globalisation of the industry. Items are designed, manufactured, and sold on a global scale. So it’s more important than ever to shop as sustainably and locally as possible with slow fashion in mind.

TALA, a UK brand specialising in activewear, has a sustainable and slow fashion focus. Its core values are sustainable styles with ethical manufacturing that don’t break the bank. For other eco-friendly ethical clothing brands, shop Wearth London. The platform features British manufacturers that use the best eco-friendly and cruelty-free materials with carbon-neutral deliveries. In fact, they go further than fashion with beautiful gifts, jewellery, homeware, and more.

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Make-up, Beauty and Skincare

Recent years have seen a growing trend in beauty brands opting for zero waste, plastic-free beauty routines. The beauty industry is renowned for its surplus in packaging, producing 120 billion units per year. In addition, chemicals found in personal care products pollute our planet’s eco-systems and endangers species. Take the example of suncream that can bleach coral reefs, causing a detrimental impact on our planet. This is why natural, eco-friendly products made by sustainable businesses are the way forward. So let’s check out some eco-friendly UK brands for beauty and personal care.

For anyone based in the UK, Pure Gifting is an incredible business that creates eco-friendly, zero-waste starter kits without breaking the bank. From dental hygiene to self-care kits, Pure Gifting is a great way to treat yourself or a loved one to some sustainable products. All Earth Mineral Cosmetics is an incredible UK mineral makeup brand. The natural products are all vegan, cruelty-free, and offer completely plastic-free refill options. For beautiful sustainably sourced skincare and beauty ranges, shop The Body Shop. The Body Shop strives to be as eco-friendly as possible working towards long-term sustainability goals. To name a few: zero-waste packaging, less plastic, recycling schemes, refill stations, and much more. Plus, their products have an array of enticing aromas that make your skin super soft.

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Buying gifts is a birthday ritual and also part of the Christmas magic. What makes it even more magical is knowing that your purchases contribute to conscious living. Let’s make this Christmas as green as possible by shopping for UK eco-friendly brands and businesses.

Green Tulip is a UK business that specialises in ethical, eco-friendly gifts. Perfect for men, women, and children, Green Tulip really has something for everyone with anything from kitchen gifts to ready-made gift sets. Protect The Planet is another inspiring UK retailer, specialising in eco-friendly gifts. Be sure to click on the made in the UK or recycled category for the most conscious choices. From eco office to green garden, it caters to all tastes and ages. Again, Pure Gifting‘s eco-friendly gift boxes are also a brilliant idea for anyone passionate about reducing their waste and saving the planet.

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By shopping sustainably and looking a little further into the brands and businesses we invest in, we are one step closer to conscious living. Shop closer to home and opt for brands that don’t cost the earth. What are your top eco-friendly UK brands?

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