Summer 2021 Bucket List Ideas

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What can we do this summer now our wanderlust is on hold for a while? Having a holiday or travelling plans postponed might not be the best way to start the summer but there are plenty of other things we can enjoy this season. Not everywhere is blessed with endless summer sunshine, so here you’ll find bucket list ideas even for the chillier days.

10 Summer Bucket List Ideas


Watch the sunset in your favourite spot in good company. Watching the sunset will never get old, it reminds us of the beautiful simplicity of life and fills us with gratitude for another day we have been blessed with. If you are an early riser, why not catch sunrise too?

Outdoor Cinema

See a movie at a drive-in theatre. This can be done with social distance and is a brilliant way to spend an evening. Plan a beautiful summer evening by searching for a drive-in cinema near you, or if there are none nearby why not create your own outdoor cinema in the garden or local park.


Grow something! Summer is a great season to brighten up your terrace, garden or even grow some interior plants and flowers. Why not invest in some seeds and hone your gardening skills? Or for those a little less inclined to become the next Alan Titchmarsh, take a trip to the local florist or garden centre and invest in something that catches your eye.

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Embark on an Adventure…

Though our wanderlust may be on hold, try visiting a new place nearby. This could be a village, a mountain, a country park or some hidden gem that is yet to be discovered. By exploring locally we are helping to save the planet whilst satisfying our desire to explore.

Tea Party

Plan an afternoon tea event. OK, so this may be the most British thing on here… but tea could always be substituted for coffee. Why not join the hype and make it a dalgona coffee to impress your guests. Prepare some delicious food, drinks and get outside to embrace the summer sunshine.

Try out a New Sport

Try a new sport. Just because we are adulting, it does not mean we cannot learn a new sport. Let go off any inhibitions and think of a sport you haven’t done for ages or ever and give it a go. You might even find yourself a new hobby!

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Summer Solstice

Celebrate solstice! In fact, June 20th is the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. Plan a trip to your favourite spot al fresco. In Spain, there is an amazing celebration known as San Juan which is celebrated annually at the beach with bonfires and wave jumping traditions. It’s an evening enjoyed with loved ones which involves watching the sunset and the night draw in. It’s worth experiencing this once in your lifetime, but as Spain main be a little far right now, try recreating this celebration with your friends.

Ice Cream Galore

Make your own ice cream or ice-lollies. Relive your childhood and get experimenting with some recipes that catch your eye. Minimalist Baker will blow you away with some kitchen creativity and deliciousness.

Visit the Local Market

Go to the farmer’s market. Buy some local produce and then whip up a treat to satisfy your current cravings while being wholesome and eco-friendly in the process.

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Face your Fears

Face your fears by doing something that scares you. This is not an encouragement for reckless behaviour, but a way to prove what you are capable of and feel proud afterwards. From rafting to karaoke this could be anything that has been left unfulfilled on your bucket list for a while now. Allow John A. Shedd to impart his wisdom, “a ship in port is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

Wishing you all the happiest of summers! Comment below and tell us what your top summer bucket list ideas are.

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