The Five Wonders of Working from Home

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Many of us are currently adapting to COVID-19 and part of this means working from home. Initially, as a relatively new concept, working from home was a concern for many. Yet, studies have shown that it can increase employees’ productivity and it may even be better for the planet.

As a teacher and when I first embarked upon online teaching, I struggled. It was so different to face-to-face teaching and I missed classroom interaction and engagement. Fortunately, thanks to an abundance of accessible material and online features, I was quickly able to adapt. Plus, seeing a student start the class with a glimpse of sadness and being able to turn that into a smile is a great feeling.

So, what are the five wonders of working from home?

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Enhanced Creativity

Speaking on behalf of anyone who has had to change their approach to work, creativity is absolutely crucial. Exploring the amazing content online, learning about new software, and engaging in videos and quizzes galore, the transition demands creativity and an open mind. Working from home requires initiative in order to face the challenges of adapting to change. In addition to problem-solving skills, enhanced creativity also provides us with a sense of purpose and accomplishment at work to brighten up our day.

Enjoyable Office Environment

Right now, I am working away whilst soaking up the sun rays on my terrace. From cosy attire, to the familiarity of the dining room table with everything you could possibly want at reach, working from home really does have its perks. Plus, the endless cups of tea and coffee are a dream.

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Enhanced Productivity

Commuting is no longer eating away at our free time and, in turn, increases our desire to work efficiently. For many, the time saved with zero-commuting and flexible schedules lead to an increase in productivity levels. Plus, getting in the zone quicker and taking a break when necessary definitely helps boost productivity. If productivity is something you’re struggling with, check out these tips on how to be more productive.

Loved Ones and Pets

Nothing beats coming home from a day’s work to be greeted by your beloved pet or loved one. Working from home means we get even more time with our family and get to enjoy little catch-ups throughout the day. Additionally, pets can be a great help whilst working as they’re known to increase the feel-good hormones in our body such as serotonin and dopamine. Pets can calm and soothe you when feelings of stress or anxiety arise. Whenever you feel a cloud of negativity hovering over you, pets are there to brighten up your day.

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Reducing Environmental Impact

Less commuting results in fewer vehicles on the roads and less CO2 emissions. Fortunately, traffic jams and fuel expenses are reduced drastically when working from home. While we work from home, our environmental impact is reduced dramatically.

So, these are the five wonders of working from home. Not only can it be great for enhanced productivity and creativity, but it also reduces our environmental impact helping our planet too. Enjoy that extra time with loved ones, and make sure your home “office” is an enjoyable environment to work in.


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